When the impulse to click is strong, this might happen to you too.

November 2016

CTB-Locker extortion screen
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One click is enough to be infected

There are several ways in which your computer can get infected with Ransomware virus:

  1. Email attachment that contains malicious code (even files like PDF and office docs).
  2. Malicious websites - that inject Badware code to your browser.
  3. Downloaded applications/documents/images from the internet.

You can be a Cyber security expert - it will not protect you from making the wrong click. Nobody ever thinks they'll be a victim to internet crimes, and that is exactly the kind of advantage that cyber criminals have.

The virus creators use what's called “social engineering” and a virus is thoroughly tested to make sure that it works on people before it is released to the public. If a virus is sent through an email message, the email itself is inspected on several mailers to make sure that the messages are transmitted and not sent to “SPAM/JUNK” folders.

Unsuspecting people who are unfamiliar with cyber crime can easily click on the attachment containing the virus. Even people from within the cyber security industry can fall victim to this scam. It's all about making the wrong click.

Once a virus is started, it operates in the background not showing its existence. It goes through every content file in the computer and encrypts them one by one with a strong code encryption key that can only be unlocked by the hacker who created it (or sometimes not at all).

Once the virus ends its encryption task it changes the desktop image to a ransom message informing the computer owners that their files are encrypted and if they want to decode them, they have to pay a “ransom” fee. This is a very dramatic extortion message. Most people and businesses pay the ransom to get their files back.

WinAntiRansom is the Best Solution

Losing money to bad people is embarrassing, it's shocking, and emotionally overwhelming. However it CAN be prevented.

WinAntiRansom is a program that secures your computer disk from unauthorized access -- stopping the virus in its tracks.
It gives you the confidence that even if you stumble upon a malware object, make the wrong click to a malicious website or open the wrong email attachment, your files remain safe.

WinAntiRansom was easy to install, all you have to do is:

  1. Buy the software.
  2. Download and install the program.
  3. Setup the disk areas you want to protect.

That's it - you're done.

Once you install the software you can rest assured that a ransom virus will not be able to access your valuable documents, data and pictures.
After I did this, I felt safer knowing that I was protected. The chances I will have to deal with Ransomware ever again is much, much lower.

About Winpatrol

WinPatrol is a small company that develops innovative computer security products. It was founded 19 years ago by Bill Pytlovany. They have been successfully selling security products to over 2,000,000 happy customers since 1997!

Once installed, WinantiRansom will:

  1. Sit in your computer tray and monitor file access throughout the system.
  2. Allow file access to approved programs.
  3. Deny file access from unknown programs.
  4. Inform you on every unauthorized file access attempt and ask for your permission to give access to it if you want.
  5. Keeps you in control of which programs can access your files.
  6. Secure you and your valuable documents.

See WinAntiRansom in action

You can see WinAntiRansom in action in the following video where "cruelsister1" has unleashed some of the worst Ransomware viruses.

(*** Don't try this at home. ***)

Get the prevention software:

Once you complete your order, you will get the installation program, a license code and setup instructions. You will be able to install and set up your computer in minutes.

The cost is $85. You can use the software for up to 5 computers.

You have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

System requirements: Microsoft windows based computer. 250MB disk space available.

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Remember: For just a fraction of the recovery cost, you can make your computer immune to Ransom viruses. The time to buy is now and not after you are hit.

All Lifetime Licenses are valid for your lifetime, not that of your computer. They will remain Lifetime Licenses, even after we return to subscription based sales. If you loose the license or your computer dies and takes the license with it, all you need to do is write us at support@winpatrol.com and we'll send you a copy of your license. This is something we do everyday for our loyal custom.

But remember, when the pre-beta sale ends, so does the availability of lifetime licenses. Act now , before it is too late.

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