How it all started

cyber crime victim

cyber crime victim

This is the true story of Michael, the developer of Magen and the driving force behind Cyber-Dome:

One day I got a call from the security department of my credit card company. They wanted to know if I had made any large  purchases recently on my credit card. I said that I did not recall such purchases, and then they asked me if I monitor my credit card activities regularly. I answered that I was only reading the monthly statement sent to me by mail.
What I heard next almost knocked me off my feet. I was informed that my credit card information was stolen and a withdrawal of about $10,000 US was made with it. The representative then initiated the stolen credit card protocol. The credit card company was very efficient and polite and did reimburse me for the stolen money.

However, when I tried to think when and how this happened, it appeared to me that my computer might have been hacked. As a precaution I re-installed my computer operating system and installed a different antivirus program on it. About a month later, I sensed another attempt to hack my computer. This time I said “enough is enough”! I realized that antivirus programs are not enough for protecting computers against hacking. There are new type of viruses that infect the computer just by clicking on a wrong link! We’re only human and clicking the wrong link could happen to anyone by mistake. Those viruses disable the antivirus program and convert the computer into a “zombie” that can attack other computers or disable websites and business on remote command. Beside that, those viruses monitor the keyboard activities and can intercept sensitive information such as passwords, bank accounts and credit cards. This information can then be transmitted to malicious third parties.

I wanted to be in control about what happens inside my computer and to be able to get an alert whenever a suspicious change happens to it. So I started to develop my own program that watches the computer and give me that information. I had been traumatized by my experience and the more I researched the matter, the more I realized just how many other victims are out there. I read case upon case of people whose computer was hacked and money was stolen from their credit cards. I also read an FBI article that called upon the industry to develop a new solution for cyber protection. As such, I decided to develop my solution as a commercial software at an affordable price to help others protect their life.
Making the cyber world a safer place is my goal!