Antivirus software fails to spot new malware – the painful truth

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Cyber Security Tools

You are not protected!

Your virtual life, your identity and your worldly assets are no longer protected by the antivirus and firewall alone. We’ve found that harsh truth on ourselves a while ago, when Michael, the inventor and developer of Magen became a cyber crime victim. His computer was well maintained, updated and he had a decent antivirus software installed and firewall activated – none of which stopped the cyber criminals from accessing his computer, obtaining his credit card details and stealing his money. This is how  Magen was born…

Now, this truth is slowly made known throughout the world because it simply cannot be ignored anymore.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

The following quote from a firewall vendor emphasizes the need for an additional layer of defense on your personal computer:

“A significant chunk of new malware is not spotted by antivirus programs with some threats remaining a mystery for as long as a month, an analysis of large enterprises by firewall vendor Palo Alto Networks has calculated…”

We’ve identified that run of the mill antivirus software and firewall alike fail to identify and block malware and spyware because the makers of those horrible cybercrime agents learned to change and tweak little things to make them seem like they are new programs. This way, even an old virus can be re-distributed and infect many computers before the antivirus software learns to identify it again. By the time it does…. the same malware will have been changed and re-sent again and again and again….

“According to Palo Alto, the inherent problem with web-borne malware is its polymorphism, basically the fact that a server can re-encode the payload to make it appear unique – “malware on demand” to coin a phrase…”

The solution – early detection

The only way to know if you’ve been infected is to check whether or not new programs rooted themselves in your system. This is why you need a scanner that doesn’t search for a virus or a malware specifically, but for any change on your system and alerts you so you can take immediate action! Download Magen now and keep your computer clean!