Massive surge in cyber crime – Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

Symantec Internet Security Report analyzed

Symantec security (creators of Norton antivirus) recently released its Internet Security Threat Report vol.18. The report talks about a massive surge in targeted cyber crime attacks during 2012. According to the report, most attacks were designed to steal intellectual property and targeted the manufacturing sector and small businesses. In addition consumers are still vulnerable to ransomware as […]

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Cyber Crime Fighting is good, prevention is better, says Interpol Chief

Cooperation between Law Enforcement agencies and the Private Sector is Crucial “Cybercriminals have been exceptional in distancing themselves from law enforcement, which remains ill-equipped to fight cybercrime involving more than one country,” said Interpol Secretary General Noble. While law enforcement must be ready to react against cybercrime, preventing it was also a major priority According […]

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