Use caps lock key as speaker mute key.

How to configure the caps lock key on your keyboard to function as a “mute” key

Recently I start using cell phone type earphones —the kind that go into the ears. When I listened to YouTube the loud commercial that precedes the music seemed to go directly into my brain. After being startled a few times, I decided it was time to do something about it.

I wanted to have a special key assigned to mute the computer speakers. At the same time, I also wanted to disable the caps lock key because I would accidentally press it from time to time and would have to rewrite things when it happened.

Searching Bing revealed a program (“Nircmd”) that does this action, but I did not want to install a whole program and that would start up on computer boot just for that.

So, I looked for another solution.

I discovered that there is a registry key mapping functionality in the computer’s operating system that can be used for doing this mapping of CapsLock2mute. After some trials I found the right combination.

By clicking here you can access a zip file which contains a .reg file that installs this functionality on the computer. Just run it and reboot the machine.

It works like a charm. I am able to mute the speakers on every new YouTube video start, and after “skipping” the commercial I click the caps lock again to un-mute.

With all the commercial noise around us, it’s nice to have a simple way to have some instant silence!

Happy muting!