Cyber Crime Fighting is good, prevention is better, says Interpol Chief

safe worldCooperation between Law Enforcement agencies and the Private Sector is Crucial

“Cybercriminals have been exceptional in distancing themselves from law enforcement, which remains ill-equipped to fight cybercrime involving more than one country,” said Interpol Secretary General Noble.

While law enforcement must be ready to react against cybercrime, preventing it was also a major priority

According to Mr. Noble, the vision of a safer world for everyone relies heavily on the cooperation between the private sector cyber security companies. The main issue is that regulations and laws for fighting cyber crime once it happens are missing altogether in some countries and not yet fully established in others. Therefore, the top priority has to be prevention. Stopping Cyber Crime it its tracks can only be done if you can stop it before it even happens.

There are various ways to do that. One such way is education but  another, which Mr. Noble recognizes and calls for is research and the development of tools to identify, alert and prevent cyber crime before it happens.

A similar call was made by the FBI a while ago and that is how we came about developing “Magen”. The Last line of defense, alerting you of changes on your computer and of malware that sneaks past your other protections.