Cyber Crime Victims Support Group

cyber crime is an epidemic

Cyber crime is reaching epidemic status

The epidemic of cyber-crime

The number of people who fall victim to Cyber Crime is enormous and sadly, it is getting higher and higher every day. The European Cyber Crime Center (EC3) estimates around 1 million people a day become victims worldwide!

Cybercrime can be terrible – just like any other crime. One of cyber crime’s worst forms is Identity theft. When a person’s identity is stolen, it could be used to steal money from one’s accounts but also for much worse, unthinkable things (think terrorism or other crimes performed as someone else). This could drive someone to bankruptcy, and loss of everything you have – your family, your possessions… your life as you know it.

Other forms of cybercrime exist too. Cybercrime could be hacking into your computer to use it as a routing point on the way to another destination, it could be cyber bullying, cyber stalking, phishing, email scams and many other terrible things.

Cybercrime is physically and emotionally traumatic for the victim

We at Cyber-Dome know firsthand what it feels like to be a victim of cyber-crime. We’ve started the company and developed our alert system after we’ve been hit. In our case we had it “easy” with some money stolen from our credit card, which we eventually got back from the credit company. We know that no matter how prudent you are and how well you maintain your computer, update your systems and your antivirus, the cyber criminals are usually one step ahead and we, the victims, are only human. Clicking the wrong link or opening an email from an unknown source is something that can happen to anyone when you’re not in focus or in a hurry.

A support network is important

To help each other out of Cyber Crime trauma with minimal damages, we started the “Cyber Crime Victims Support Group” on Facebook. This group is your place to share your story, seek or give advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of Cyber-Crime and how to recover from cybercrime.

In this group we will also share alerts about specific risks and tips on how to avoid them. Remember: prevention is much cheaper than recovery!

We invite victims and people with knowledge on the issue to share their experience and advice, helping others to overcome cyber crime trauma.

Our vision for this group is to turn into a non-profit organization for promoting discussion, assistance and cybercrime prevention. We hope to also be able to offer more tangible help to people, in the form of insurance policies or other assistance, to allow crime victims to reclaim their lives and get them back in order. To do that we encourage victims and victims’ relatives to come forward and take part in the group.

To join our group on Facebook please follow the link:

Cyber Crime Victims Support Group

Cybercrime victims need support

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