Cyber-Dome Announces Availability of “Magen – Malware Vigilance”

Magen – Malware Vigilance is now available for download and use!

Haifa, Israel

Cyber-Dome announces immediate availability of its new cyber security product, Magen – Malware Vigilance.

Antivirus does not protect computers from invasion. Virus mutants (“Zero day attack”) are not known to antivirus and pass through them with ease.
Therefore another solution is urgent need.

“Magen – Malware Vigilance” is an additional defense layer that catches Malware, which penetrated the computer, alerting the computer owner and allowing him to take protective measures.

“Magen – Malware Vigilance” is a malware alarm software, based on patent pending technology, which uses the viruses’ vulnerability against them. Viruses MUST implant themselves into special areas of the computer (registry) in order to be resurrected the next time the computer boots up.

Magen – Malware Vigilance is available for immediate download at: cyber-dome-magen-download/

“We’re out to protect people’s identity, assets and make the online world a safer place,” said Michael Kraizelman, CEO at Cyber-Dome which started the venture after being a cybercrime victim himself.


Founded in 2013, Cyber-Dome is the new kid on the block in cyber security. The company currently offers Magen – Malware Vigilance as well as cyber security consulting services as part of an effort to protect people online.
Cyber-Dome’s commitment is to make the online world a safer place for all.