Cyber Security 2.0 Solution That You Can Take Home

Magen is a Cyber Security Solution aimed at home users. Unlike most cyber security solutions which are aimed at the corporate market, Magen was made for the home market, offering cyber security to individuals at home.

Magen allows people to obtain additional cyber security which usually exists only in corporations and organizations. Today, there is a growing awareness of the risk in cyber crime and organizations usually buy the additional defenses needed. These defenses complement the antivirus programs and seal the organization’s network to cyber threats. Employees of those organizations can rest assured that their work place is secure and no harm can be done to them there. However, in their homes they and their families are vulnerable to cyber espionage and crime.

“Magen – Malware Vigilance” comes to seal this gap.  It is an efficient program that uses a unique “rooting point inspection” algorithm to accurately detect malware such as “Zero day Viruses” that can penetrate through antivirus programs.  (You can see Magen in action here). Using this software in homes greatly reduces the chance of innocent people becoming victims of cyber crime.

Such threats can come in many forms. The most common way of infection is through fake e-mails. These e-mails are frauds disguised as legitimate messages, trying to get you to open them and download an attachment into your computer.
We call these malicious attachment files “Zero Day Viruses”. They have a life expectancy of several weeks; however in this time frame they serve as a bridgehead that downloads other viruses from the internet, such as a “rootkit” virus that is able to damage the operating system so that its existence isn’t detected, and paves the way to other viruses and threats to settle into your system.

“Magen – Malware Vigilance” alerts users about such penetrations into their computer and allows them to dismantle the threat before harm is done. Being an alarm system and not an antivirus, means that it does not block/erase/dismantle viruses, but specializes in detecting the penetration of new programs into the computer and conveying the message to the computer owner.  Magen also informs the computer owners about significant changes made to their computer (even by legitimate programs installed on the computer) and allows them to erase them if they wish. Many legitimate programs install updating processes in the computer they run in. Some people don’t like the fact that such installations are done behind their back.

“We are very proud to launch Magen, as it can literally save lives!” Says Michael Kraizelman,  Cyber-Dome founder.  “Today, cyber criminals and pedophiles impose a great risk to families because using antivirus programs alone leaves them exposed.” Michael developed Magen – Malware Vigilance after being a victim of credit card theft, which is when he realized that antivirus programs alone are not enough anymore.
We see our “first adopters” as computer savvy people, such as IT personnel, who are aware of the importance of cyber security and the daily threats they encounter in their jobs. However, while they may have protection at their workplace, they may not be able to use such defenses at home.

Now, you can download and use Magen for 45 days free. The cost is $30 per year, during which you will get software updates. Magen considerably reduces the risk of people becoming identity theft victims or easy targets for cyber bullies and predators.


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