Facebook Identity Theft alert

Facebook Identity Theft Warning

Facebook Identity Theft alert

Facebook Identity Theft alert

March 9 2013

New alert – Facebook Identity Theft

According to the U.S postal service, scammers found a new easy way to steal identities and abuse them. It’s called – your Facebook profile!

The agency wishes to draw more attention to the subject of identity theft and postal scams – especially the lottery winning scams. Lottery scams are the ones where you would get a notification of winning (by snail mail or email) and then asked to pay shipping fees for credit information or such.

Where does Facebook come into the picture?

Well, with it being the largest social network and almost everyone on it more and more people share anything and everything about their lives there. If your profile is completely open and public then you are giving a lot of information away. Information that could be used to hack into your accounts, steal your identity or scam you.

For example: maiden name, pet names, hometown, your elementary school name are often details that are used to recover a lost password or reset one…
If you post those openly on on Facebook all a hacker has to do is click the “lost password?” link on any site or web mail and then use these details to reset your password and access your account.

Another example is if you share a lot about yourself like address, the bank you have your account on (all you have to do is check in once or post about the great or poor service you got…), where you work…. these are details that could be used to make phishing emails seem more legit and get you to click on links or download infected files…

The bottom line is: Keep using social networks and have fun but be careful what you share and who you share it with!

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