Facts you MUST know about Ransomware

Did you ever think that someday someone will hack your files & data?

And if that’s not enough, they encrypt your personal documents and demand ransom for releasing your data!

Ransomware is a cyber crime that hits many victims around the world. These types of computer virus encrypts documents and images on your computer and demand the victim to pay ransom to get his files back.

The Ransomware is most often distributed as a program embedded in a zip file. The zip file is sent in an Email message with some “social engineering” to convince the unsuspecting person to click on it. The Email talks about fax message, IRS alert or proposal to view woman pictures. You should be vigilant for suspicious Email messages and their attachments.

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Ransomware is very dramatic virus infection that can be quit alarming. The good thing about it is that it is very explicit. Stealth spyware can cause much damage without you knowing about it. (Or until you get a call from your bank).

Did you know that Anti-virus software isn’t enough?

Because the attackers (and malware threats) have evolved, and there are now far too many variants of them for traditional signature-based anti-virus products to keep up.

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How to cope with Ransomware?

The best way to cope with this threat is prevention. I recommend backup your important data on a cloud service as “Dropbox” or “drive” it’s free and can save your files & documents. So when you get hit by a Ransomware, the simple thing to do is “system restore” of your computer and reconnects to your Dropbox account. It will restore the entire encrypted file for you. (You might need to select priviouse version if the encrypted files have been uploaded to the cloud).

If you do not have proper backup for your files, you can use the guidelines in the following paragraph.

Help: My computer is infected with Ransomware. What should I do?


First of all take a deep breath. Then evaluate your situation. If you had a PHD thesis on your hard drive you might consider paying them to get your files back. In less urgent condition it is advisable not to pay the ransom.

Shut down your computer. If it does not shut down using the shutdown command, then shut the computer by pressing the on key until it shut down. Now start your computer again, Press F8 and select “safe mode” to boot your computer operating system in restricted mode

Click on the “windows key” and type “System Restore”. Select the program in the menu and invoke it. Follow the window procedure to restore your computer to pre infection date. This will disable any virus that has been downloaded to your computer.

If you have a backup or a cloud backup, start to restore the encrypted files. If you don’t have such a backup you might be able to restore previous versions of your files using our Swiss army recovery tool.

Download and use undelete file utility that will let you scan your hard drive and locate previous versions of your files and undelete them. This is a tedious task but can salvage most of your files.

Malware prevention ways

Generally speaking, the cost of prevention is a fraction of the cost of recovery. There are a few simple ways you should follow to be Malware safe.

Install anti Ransom software. We have located the best software in the market and we recommend it. This software seal disk area from access to unknown programs (=viruses) stopping them in their track.

Keep a good backup of your computer

You can do a periodic backup from time to time. Use any backup program. It is desirable to buy a USB disk and do the backup on it. Use compression and put the backup date on the backup directory name. Doing so will allow you to recover from any hardware fault or Malware damage.

How to setup Dropbox to backup “My documents”

Dropbox is a backup and sync software that let you keep backup copy of documents on the “cloud” all the time. You can also use multiple computers for saving your work, having the latest copy of your documents on each and every one of them. In case of Ransomware encrypting your files you just need to restore previous version (Before the encryption) and your data issafe & sound.

Then, download and install cloud backup software such as Dropbox. Dropbox backup directory is located at C:\users\<name>\Dropbox.

Using windows explorer, go to “My document” folder. Right-click on it and select “properties”.
Select the “Location” tab and click on the “Move” button. Navigate to your Dropbox ((C:\users\<name>\Dropbox) folder and set this location. All your documents will be saved in this synced folder.

In this same manner you can change “My picture”, “My video”, “My music” as well.
Good luck and be SAFE!

With all regards,

Cyber-Dome Team.

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