How to detect phishing mail with a glance

Phishing mails try to disguised themselves as other websites and provoke the reader to “sign in” to a service like banking account. The information reveals to the criminal the account username and password. This allows the criminal to use the account for his own whims.

In this post, I present you some indications that the mail is actually a hoax.
I use recent received mail I got as an example. Look at the highlights and the numbers:









  1. The mail address is NOT email address!
  2. My Email address is missing or the Email address is not mine.
  3. They call me “Dear customer”. PayPal knows my name (and even my mother maiden name for security reasons) and they do use it when approaching me.
  4. The email message itself tries to stress you in some way. It you feel pressure in your body as a result of reading an email – it can be an indication of a phishing or virus email.

Sometimes, if it a known fishing site, clicking on the link shows you the following warning:

Phishing site warning!






This warning comes from a security services Firefox is using. It is updated after several people have been hit and complaint. So, this message might not be there when the criminals use fresh domain name and you are one or the first people to get it.

Anyway – Don’t ignore this warning!

For this post, I ignored the warning and got the actual phishing site:

Phishing website example.






If you look at this page, you can see that the URL is NOT

These indications are more than enough to allow you to detect phishing mails and discard them with ease.