Magen Malware Vigilance Vs. Antivirus Software

In today’s internet age where almost everyone is connected, cyber threats are everywhere. They lurk in emails, on websites, or even in your web browser itself. It seems like every week there is a new story in the news about hackers. The collective known as “Anonymous” recently secretly stole sensitive information from multiple U.S. government agencies, according to Yahoo! News. If the United States government is vulnerable, does the average citizen stand a chance? What can we do to keep ourselves and our families safe? Cyber criminals use malware to attack your computers, invade your privacy, and possibly ruin your life.

What exactly is malware and how can you be more malware vigilant to protect yourself and your family from these cyber criminals with nefarious plans?

Malware is any kind of software or program designed to invade your computer without your knowledge. It sneaks past your defenses and can be used to wreck your computer, copy every keystroke you make, or even spy on you remotely by controlling your computer’s microphone and webcam. Antivirus software combats malware by relying on the ability to identify a known signature of the malware. This prevents the program from having access to your computer. However, there are weaknesses in this system. Not only is new malware being created daily, but also, it takes only a few changes to the malware’s code to change its signature. Once the signature is changed the antivirus software will no longer recognize it as malware. This allows the malware to be able to penetrate your defenses, leaving you and your family vulnerable. Cyber criminals are constantly working to outwit your antivirus software and do so successfully. An antivirus program is no longer enough to keep you and your family safe from cyber threats. This brings us back to the big question: how can you become more malware vigilant?

Malware Vigilance 101

Thankfully there is a new patent pending invention known as Magen – Malware Vigilance, which does not rely on the malware’s signature to keep you safe. Instead, Magen exploits certain weaknesses in malware to protect you and your family. All malware must be registered in special areas in the computer in order to be resurrected the next time the computer boots.
These places are “implantation points”. Malware must go to these implantation points and root itself there, in order to automatically operate once your computer has restarted. Magen is a malware penetration alarm system that detects malware by scanning these points for changes. It only takes a few minutes compared to the hours it can take a traditional antivirus program to scan your entire computer. Once installed, Magen resides in a part of your computer known as the “system tray”. Magen automatically conducts a scan of the implantation points every 2 hours, and uses little of your computer resources thanks to its innovative approach. Once malware is detected, Magen quickly alerts the computer user to its presence. This allows the user to quickly remove it before any damage can be done. By using this ingenious method, Magen can not only find known malware that may have had its signature changed, but also new malware that is not yet known to any antivirus software. As soon as Magen finds a change in these rooting or “implantation” points it quickly alerts the owner, and allows them to quickly clean the computer and avoid harm.

When it comes to cyber threats, antivirus programs are no longer enough to keep personal data safe. Magen – Malware Vigilance is a quick solution that uses little computer space, and thanks to its innovative approach can not be fooled by clever hackers. So when a virus has tricked its way through your defenses, you need to have a malware alarm system like Magen, that alerts you quickly and efficiently lets you clean your computer before damage can be done.