Using Magen Malware Vigilance

How does Magen Malware Vigilance work?

The problem

Nowadays, Malware manufacturers have learned how to penetrate firewalls and antivirus programs and are generating lethal spying programs. These programs are used for cyber crime and can really harm their victims. Some of those programs are capable of inhibiting the computer’s antivirus and hide themselves on the computer, spying on the computer user’s activities and sending the data to the criminal operating them.

The antivirus limitation is that they inspect the “virus” code itself and compare it to a list of “virus signatures” they have and which they update from time to time. Virus manufacturer just have to change their code a little and generate what looks like a whole new virus that is yet unknown to the antivirus software so it can be undetected.
The result is that antivirus programs are not enough anymore and a new solution is needed to cope with the Cyber-Crime activities.
Cyber-Dome’s Magen Malware Vigilance is a new defense layer on top of your existing antivirus programs that can detect virus penetration accurately and efficiently and alert the computer owner about it. Once the computer owner is alerted, measures can be taken to remove the threat.

The invention:
Viruses have a vulnerability that can be exploited to detect their presence. Viruses MUST register themselves in special areas of the operating system to be resurrected next time the computer boots up.  We call these special areas “rooting points”. Checking those points and finding changes in them allows us to give an accurate alert about a program that operates itself automatically upon computer boot.
The benefits of our invention

  1. Since we look at rooting points rather than viruses, we can alert about any program that implants itself to be operated upon computer boot, whether it is a new virus or an old virus in disguise.
  2. These points are relatively small in size compared to the disk space of a computer. As we scan only these points, we can perform our complete scan in about two minutes, compared to the hours needed for a “full scan” of any antivirus software.

So, our solution is complementary to the antivirus programs and allows the computer owner to clean it before any harm is done.
Once a warning or alert message is generated by Magen Malware Vigilance, the computer owner should inspect the message. If the program mentioned in the message was indeed installed by the user, he/she can select the message and mark it as “OK”.  If the program is unknown to the user, a “System restore” should be initiated to a previous date. Initiating the restore is done by clicking the “System restore” button at the bottom of the Magen Malware Vigilance screen.

Magen alert system in action

Magen alert system in action

This restores the rooting points of the system and prevents the virus from operating again. To complete the cleaning process, the owner should run an antivirus “full scan” which might delete the files of the virus.

The Magen Malware Vigilance defense layer allows the user to surf the Internet securely, protected from becoming a victim of cybercrime.