Symantec Internet Security Report analyzed

Massive surge in cyber crime – Symantec Internet Security Threat Report

Symantec security (creators of Norton antivirus) recently released its Internet Security Threat Report vol.18. The report talks about a massive surge in targeted cyber crime attacks during 2012.

According to the report, most attacks were designed to steal intellectual property and targeted the manufacturing sector and small businesses. In addition consumers are still vulnerable to ransomware as well as mobile threats.

Symantec Internet Security Report analyzed

Symantec Internet Security Report analyzed

The startup of cyber crime

According to Symantec, not only are cyber criminals not slowing down, but they keep upgrading and innovating the ways they hack into systems, steal identities and data, hijack computers and much more. The numbers the report speaks about are frightening. It almost seems as if a new field of technology has emerged – that of cybercrime “startups”. You see, to be a cybercriminal these days you need to be a very good programmer and keep yourself educated and informed about all the changes and development in hi-tech and computer programming. With more and more services going mobile and/or to the cloud you need to first be an expert in these fields, to be able to hack them.

The new cyber-crime victims

According to the report, cybercriminals’ targets shifted in 2012 from governments to the manufacturing sector and small businesses. The logic behind this shift is that often, when going after manufacturing companies in the supply chain, hackers gain access to sensitive information of much larger companies.

With small business it’s a no-brainer for the criminals – they offer the least resistance and protection so they’re easy prey.  Most attacks on small businesses are web based aimed at either the business’ website or the owner’s (or employees’) email.

The wolf in sheepskin

The report uncovers another scary bit of statistics: 61 percent of malicious websites are actually legitimate websites compromised or infected with malicious code. This means that you can actually visit a completely legitimate website, with information you need and do whatever it is you need to do there- download information, buy something, order something, register for a service etc. – and get infected with malware without your knowledge.

The solution – Know, Control, Clean

There really is only one conclusion from this report. You can stay safe online and protect your personal data, financial data, business data, your identity and literally your life and the lives of the ones you love, by implementing the three way solution: KNOW what is going on inside your computer and network, Control what gets in, Clean what managed to sneak in.

With the loopholes in existing security solutions, the complexity of cyber crimes and the innovative criminals, there is only one way to implement this solution and that is to use an additional , last line defense tool such as Magen. The alert system will let you know what’s going on at all time, you will therefore have control over what you install and what you do and you will be able to clean your system should it get infected anyway.