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Are you really safe?

The Internet can be a very dangerous place. Are you leaving yourself exposed?

Once upon a time, scams, theft, disruption and fraud required face to face interaction. If someone wanted to steal your money, they would almost certainly have to come into personal contact with you. However, that’s no longer the case.

The growth of the Internet has heralded incredible opportunities for cyber criminals and those who get pleasure from causing disruption. With over 2 billion worldwide Internet users , criminals now have access to potential victims that they could never have previously dreamed about.
What are you doing to make sure you don’t become a victim?
We’ve all heard stories of dangerous people, fraudulent websites, and scams designed to steal our money online. Unfortunately most people just accept it as part of the Internet landscape. The common misconception is that as long as you stay off risky websites, and you have antivirus or firewall protection, then the bad guys won’t be able to hurt you. That’s true isn’t it?

password scanning

password scanning

Antivirus is up to date – nothing can hurt me, right?

Well actually, no! Nothing could be further from the truth.
A recent survey conducted by discovered that despite 95% of people claiming to use antivirus or firewall software, over 12 million people had suffered a computer virus in the last few months.
Think about that for a second. That’s a very scary statistic! Despite the fact that almost everyone online has protection, viruses are still infecting hundreds of thousands of innocent people on a daily basis.

Have you ever been infected? Unfortunately, becoming a victim is easier than you might think! All it takes is the click of a mouse… With hackers, malware, and spyware all capable of stealing your personal information, tracking your computer activity, and even using your computer as a base from which to conduct illegal activity, extra care needs to be taken to avoid becoming a victim!

More worrying still is the fact that viruses are becoming more and more sophisticated which means anyone can become infected at any point – it’s not just people that visit shady sites that get affected. Tracking the source of the infection can be almost impossible; in fact, often the only thing harder is actually removing the virus from your computer!
Regardless of whether or not traditional antivirus software is being used, viruses are still getting through. Sadly, we are now at the stage where antivirus software on its own is just isn’t enough!

So what’s the solution?

Magen Next Gen defense layer is a revolutionary protection software, created to provide concrete security. The ground-breaking software acts as an extra layer of defense  working alongside existing antivirus software. It provides an all-encompassing level of protection that not only works quicker, but is actually identifying issues that traditional antivirus can’t detect (Zero day viruses) – guaranteed.
Whereas traditional antiviruses detect viruses based on their signature (which must first be stored on their database), Magen Next Gen works in a completely different way (patent pending). The pioneering software inspects your computer for viruses with much greater frequently, and at much quicker speeds, than traditional antivirus software. . This is in stark contrast to other software, which often takes hours, if not days, for “full scans” to detect viruses.
The benefits are immense. Not only does it work much faster and use much less CPU power than traditional antivirus software, Magen quite literally has the potential to revolutionize Internet security forever.

How does it work?

Traditional antivirus software scans the files on your computer to see whether or not an infection has occurred. The virus signature must be in the database, and the database must be regularly updated. Full scans may take hours, or even days to complete, and for this reason, in order to save time, most virus scans conduct a scaled down version of a scan, known as a partial scan. This means that if a virus is hidden in a remote part of your computer, there is a high likelihood that a partial scan will not discover its existence right away. It may be days, or even weeks until the infection is identified. That means days or weeks of a virus causing havoc and stealing your details….

Magen works in completely different way. Using exclusive technology, it scans the most susceptible areas of your computer which we called “implantation points”. It does this in about 2 minutes flat! Implantation points are places viruses needs to register themselves in order to resurrect next time the computer boots. By concentrating our scans on these specific regions of your computer, we are able to perform comprehensive scans far quicker, and with much greater success, than typical antivirus software. The scans are performed automatically every time your computer is booted, and again every 12 hours. If any suspicious changes are detected, the user is instantly alerted, and can then take preventative action to isolate and remove the threat.

Are you willing to risk giving hackers the luxury of extra time to watch everything you do?
Every second that is saved reduces the likelihood of problems. So if every second counts, the fact that Magen scans faster than any other software ever created means it is unquestionably a ‘must have’ item of security.

Available as an instant download, and for the jaw dropping rate of only $30 Magen is guaranteed to drastically reduce your chances of becoming a victim of cyber-crime.
What price would you pay for extra peace of mind? Surely protecting yourself from cyber criminals is worth more than $30?

Order your copy right now, and receive full protection within minutes.
Go on. What are you waiting for? You never know who’s watching!


It will be the best security decision you’ll have ever made.