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Virus protection software needed for today’s threats

Identity theft is never a pretty picture, just ask Gloria Carlo. The 51 year old single mother of three children lived in the South Bronx. First she had her personal savings wiped out, which amounted to a whopping $38,000, then she also got sued by her bank for an additional $23,312.04 the thieves racked up on her accounts. Mrs. Carlo never saw it coming. No one is safe in this technological age. These nefarious identity thieves don’t just limit their actions to defrauding adults, they also target our children. Kyle Shoemaker was only 9 years old when a thief used his identity to open up two credit cards and an $18,000 line of credit. These actions will follow Kyle for the rest of his life even though at age nine his life has barely begun.

So what can we do to protect not only ourselves but also our families from these vile acts? It now seems that most people practically live or have their entire lives online. Is an anti-virus and a firewall enough to protect your future? WPoplar avenue nr St Rémyhile an antivirus is used to prevent, detect, and remove all kinds of malware; a firewall is used as a protective barrier between secure and unsecured networks. All virus manufacturers need to do is tweak a small part of the virus code to change its “signature,” this fools the antivirus into thinking it‘s benign, thus, leaving you exposed. This is why malware vigilance is always needed. Magen is a patent pending invention that uses malware vulnerability to keep you safe. Magen is a malware alarm software that “only” alerts once malware has penetrated through your other defenses and has implanted itself in a special region of your computer known as the “rooting points.” Here the malware sleeps until your system has restarted then it comes alive to start its malicious campaign. This could be anything from annoying adware which causes you to be bombarded with pop up ads, to spyware which records your every keystroke, or even a virus that could permanently harm your computer. Magen outwits malware by checking these rooting points and pinpointing changes in them that allow a program to start its operation automatically when your computer boots up.

This method of protection offers two distinct advantages. The first being that no amount of simple code adjusting will fool Magen Malware vigilance software as it knows exactly where to look. Instead of looking for a certain virus or a certain piece of code, it‘s looking at the spot where malware most settle in order to carry out its mission. The second advantage is that compared to the hours it may take for a “full scan” of typical antivirus software, Magen takes less than two minutes to complete a scan ensuring the safety of your computer and its contents with low computer resources consumed. This is because the rooting points where all malware embeds itself are relatively small compared to the full disk space used by a computer, and this is what the typical antivirus programs must scan.

According to the 2010 Javelin Identity Fraud Survey Report more than 9 million Americans become victims of identity theft each year. Equally as shocking, according to PandaLabs, between January and March of this year more than 6.5 million strains of malware were created. With thieves always looking for new ways to get into your computer, can you really rely on the old methods to keep your and your families future safe? As thieves innovate so must the innocent to protect themselves.